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Uncover the rainforest's secrets

Journey into the heart of the Malaysian rainforest with Raia under the guidance of her animal friends. Learn about the unique plants, animals, and insects that thrive in the diverse and lush landscape.

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About the book


"Raia & The Rainforest: Biodiversity Bonanza" is not just a story; it's a vibrant exploration of the wonders that dwell in the Malaysian rainforest. Through Raia's eyes, young readers will learn about the importance of biodiversity, the intricate balance of nature, and the critical role every creature plays in the health of our planet.

Why this book matters

In an age where the natural world faces unprecedented challenges, Raia's story serves as a vital reminder of the beauty and importance of conservation. It's a call to young readers to become stewards of the environment, inspiring hope and action for future generations.

Photo of Therine Goh, author of Raia and the Rainforest series, smiling in an indoor setting

Meet the author

Therine Goh is a marketer, an entrepreneur, a clinical hypnotherapist, an advocate for women and girls' empowerment, who's now embracing her latest role as an author.


Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, a city rich in diversity, her childhood was filled with fantasy books that sparked her imagination and love for reading. This early passion led to her dream of writing her own children's book, sharing the magical worlds she envisioned with young readers.

Therine's debut book, "Raia and the Rainforest: Biodiversity Bonanza," combines her dream with her heritage. Through her storytelling, Therine aims to inspire, educate, and drive meaningful change. A portion of this book's proceeds is dedicated to causes in support of literacy among underprivileged girls in Malaysia.

Sneak peek

Dive into the first chapter of Raia's adventure here 


Through the vibrant illustrations, get a taste of the rainforest's magic.

iPad displaying the first chapter of 'Raia and the Rainforest: Biodiversity Bonanza,' with text and colorful illustrations
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