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  • Are there any interactive elements in the books?
    Yes, each book contains an interactive activity that complements the story's environmental themes, perfect for engaging young readers further.
  • Is "Raia and the Rainforest" suitable for classroom use?
    Absolutely! The series is designed to be both entertaining and educational, making it a great resource for classrooms looking to incorporate environmental topics into their curriculum.
  • What age group is the "Raia and the Rainforest" series intended for?
    The series is perfect for young readers aged 6-9 years old, blending engaging stories with educational themes about the environment and conservation.
  • How many books are in the series?
    Currently, the series includes "Biodiversity Bonanza" with more adventures planned. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!
  • Where can I buy the "Raia and the Rainforest" books?
    Our books are available in both paperback and ebook editions on Amazon Kindle Store, as well as this website. We're working on making our books available in other online book retailers, and selected bookstores. Stay tuned!
  • Are there any discounts available for educational institutions or bulk purchases?
    Yes! We offer special discounts for schools, libraries, and bulk orders. Please contact our support team at for more details.
  • Are there any plans for "Raia and the Rainforest" merchandise?
    We are exploring options for eco-friendly merchandise that aligns with the series' conservation themes. Keep an eye on our website for updates!
  • Am I supporting any meaningful causes through my purchase?
    A portion of the proceeds from every book sold is dedicated to initiatives that support literacy among underprivileged girls in Malaysia. By purchasing our books, you're not only embarking on adventures with Raia and her friends but also contributing to a meaningful cause that empowers young girls through education.
  • Who can I contact for more information or support?
    For inquiries, please reach out to our support team at We’re here to assist with any questions you might have.
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